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Sona and Mike are the most helpful souls when I need someone to guide me towards the right path for healing.  Their product selection is vast and their individual healing abilities are phenomenal.  All I have to do is walk in the store and I already feel better!  ~M.R. – Los Angeles, CA

“This is a really cool local shop for self-healing and health products.  Who wants to fight the crowds at Whole Paycheck for a remedy or supplement when you can hit up this mom n pop? 4-stars, I love it!”  -M.B., Tujunga, CA

“I was feeling out of balance and having such a hard time dealing with T.M.D. and jaw/neck pain.  That’s when our mutual friend called you up and you recommended some different vitamins for me.  I am eternally grateful for your wisdom in helping me to find the proper vitamins to truly help me and my quality of living.  I look forward to making it all the way to your store (from Oregon) one day and meeting you… until then… thanks so much!”  -M.B., Bend, OR

“The process is very simple.  Show up knowing your blood type, or a test can be done for a small fee.  Then just sit and Sona does the work.  Without laying a hand on you, she can suss out problem areas in your health, both physical and mental.  Adjustments can be made inexpensively with flower and star essences, as well as specific vitamins.  There is never an upsell.  I have gone many times now and ended up not needing anything.  Of course you can pop in and get some vitamins/herbs/Bach Flower Essences for your own use and at a good price.  No pressure.  You can pick up a pendulum, or a gem that feels right in your hand.  In a lot of ways, I owe my current life and mood to the work Sona and Mike do at the shop.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s very true.”  -A.B., San Francisco, CA

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